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OssoCrete is a fast-acting polymer ceramic cement that bonds permanently to concrete, metal rebar, and asphalt. It is a patent-pending formulation utilizing advanced molecular technology, specifically for repair of roadways, bridges, curbs, culverts, parking lots, walkways and warehouse floors.
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This is the New Reality, brought to you by OssoCrete . . .

 “On an 80 degree day, roadway potholes can be repaired and ready for traffic in literally 5 minutes. This dramatic reduction in curing time results in dramatic reductions in lane closures.”
–Dan Ossola, Ossola Industrials

Advantages of OssoCrete include:

  • Ultra fast-acting for nearly instant concrete repair
  • When cured it is literally stronger than concrete, whether the repair requires feathering in or a deep fill
  • Product has no shrinkage and low permeability making it an excellent choice for freeze-thaw resistance
  • Can be applied in any temperature, any weather
  • No cutting is required, just remove loose materials in the pothole and fill
  • Materials are 100% inorganic, non-combustible, high heat resistant
  • Materials have a low carbon footprint compared to concrete
  • Our color matching (to existing concrete) capabilities provide a visually appealing repair result

Call us today at 618-451-2621 to experience the OssoCrete option for your concrete repairs!

For Departments of Transportation and Municipalities:

The New Reality:  Indestructible pothole repair that is traffic-ready in as little as 5 minutes.  Imagine the dramatic difference in your daily routine of roadway repair:  with ultra-fast cure time, you could fix miles and miles with minimal lane closures. Safety is improved – as well as the public’s impatience with orange cones.

Weather issues are no issue with OssoCrete.  Now imagine being able to (nearly!) ignore the weather, keeping crews active. OssoCrete installs equally well in all weather conditions – wet, dry, hot, cold. No cutting is required, just blow out the loose material and fill.

Quickly see return on investment (ROI).  OssoCrete substantially reduces cost of pothole repairs if you consider having to repair the same pothole multiple times with cold-patch or asphalt.  With zero shrinkage and low permeability, OssoCrete is excellent in freeze-thaw environments.

Download DOT one-page printable flyer

For Property Owners and Facility Managers:

Tired of fixing broken concrete over and over again?   Cold patch, asphalt and a do-it-yourself bag all fail quickly despite best efforts. The problem is the material – no matter how well installed these solutions are temporary. With OssoCrete, the repairs are strong and virtually indestructible.

Urgent repairs needed? Wait until spring?   Weather issues are NO issue for OssoCrete, it installs equally well in all weather conditions – wet, dry, hot, cold.

Is your unsightly broken concrete also a tripping hazard?   Remove the risk and beautify your property at the same time. Now we offer color-matching for concrete repair – and it’s still the same indestructible formulation.

Download Owner/Manager one-page printable flyer

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Call us today at 618-451-2621 to experience the OssoCrete option for your concrete repairs!

Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Ossola Industrials, a customer-driven company for 25 years.