For situations where standard brick and materials do not meet customer’s needs, we provide full-service in-house manufacturing of custom shapes from 5 lbs to 15,000 lbs. We also manufacture ceramic fiber lined items of any size.

Our largest oven (28′ x 15′ x 9′) can handle just about any shape necessary.

We also fabricate and line ladle covers, tundish covers, and preheaters with castable and/or ceramic fiber. Burner blocks are included.

We manufacture these items and more:

  • Monomax Insulation for any application or any dimension – flat surface or tube lining
  • Foundry Ladles, Runners, Doors, Skimmer Blades
  • Tundish Furniture
  • Alloy Chutes w/high abrasion linings
  • Transfer Ladle Spout Blocks
  • Ladle Bottoms
  • Cement Kiln Burner Pipes
  • Deltas
  • Burner Blocks


Our expertise comes from over two decades in the manufacturing business. Coupled with the fact that Ossola Industrials’ personnel collectively have over 140 years of in-house problem solving experience, you can rely on us to meet your particular needs. We’ve learned by listening to our customers and creating solutions to fit their needs. Call us today, let’s talk about it.